Challenges Facing HR

  • June 05, 2018

In recent Executive Interviews that we have shared on our website, there has been a recurring theme from senior professionals across all disciplines; they stress the importance of up and coming professionals seizing opportunities when they are presented and, also, having a broad understanding of international cultures and environments.

Education and technical ability of course remain important factors, but the international exposure and ability to communicate at all levels is key. The article below talks about ‘challenging recruitment landscape’; the importance of motivating the younger generation and providing an environment for them in which they feel comfortable to develop, even when working away from home.

The article also covers other trends and challenges in HR across Asia, but we have found these aspects to be equally as topical for leadership and recruitment in Europe, across all disciplines. Work life balance, digital/data analytics, diversity and inclusion are all topics that we are discussing on a regular basis with our multinational clients.

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