Events in Switzerland

  • May 22, 2018

Last week was a busy and productive week for EMEA Recruitment in Switzerland, with two big events taking place.


On Weds 16th May we held our HR networking event, in Zurich. It was well attended and proved to be a relaxed and informative evening. This was a wonderful opportunity for HR professionals to discuss common issues, such as market and recruitment trends. Our HR specialist consultants, as well as senior management of EMEA Recruitment, enjoyed the opportunity to catch up in person with those in our network, chatting until late into the evening.


Despite the late finish, the following evening some of the consultants from our HR team joined forces with consultants from our finance division, to complete a 6k run in Zug with B2Run. Starting at the Bossard Arena, EMEA Recruitment ran alongside 900 other contenders from other international businesses such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eastman Chemical, Glencore, Medela and Shire.


At EMEA Recruitment we actively encourage exercise as a complement to our working life, with each employee receiving a weekly personal training session as part of their employee benefits. The B2Run was a fantastic way to put their training to practice, with everyone successfully completing the run in good time. Well done All!